The Tipsy Wedding Project: Bride’s Shoes

Today’s installment of The Tipsy Wedding Project is Christen’s shoes. While we know what Christen’s dress looks like, she would rather we didn’t post it here because a certain person she is going to marry has been following along and we don’t want to ruin it for him. (I’m talking to you Ed). So anyway, here are our recommendations for Christen and a few for Ed himself. See any trends? 🙂

  1. AK-My inspiration came from the fact that we found out Christen loves the color orange, that she is having a fall wedding and the fact that Der did this shoe/sock idea for her wedding and it was UH-DOOR-UH-BULL. So this is the vision. Here is my suggestion (dyeing orange obvs)
  2. Sarah-I LOVE the idea of having a fun, yet classy, shoe underneath the traditional wedding attire. Since orange is her favorite color, I thought these were both perfect, affordable, AND would be go great with the fall wedding colors! (I also wouldn’t be opposed to Christen’s hubby to-be to wear some cool orange socks…Der did this at her wedding and it made for an awesome photo op…just sayin’…)
  3. Der-These are cute and orange and would totally be reusable later on with a par-TAY dress! I did apple green shoes under my wedding dress, but they were dyed and therefore unable to be worn in wet conditions.. BOO!!  and her groom could wear these.
  4. Court-I love these shoes.  Her dress, which has lace is beautiful, but I didnt want to much frill on the shoes. I think these peep toes are a great accent, plus they are navy which satisfies two things–her man to be fav color and her something blue requirement.