Under My Umbrella…ella.. ella

There will be no raining on your parade with these babies…

  1. Old Navy, Womens Printed Umbrella-Cherry Blossom
  2. Target, Stripe Bubble Umbrella
  3. Target, Totes Bubble Umbrella-Claret Pink
  4. Old Navy, Womens Printed Umbrellas-Green Trees
  5. Walmart, Galleria Big Flower Auto Open Stick Umbrella

Big Little Boy Clothing

I owe all the credit to this post to my one and only babyson Austin (7 yr old).  He assisted in the creation of  his wish list of clothing items.  We already scooped up the Keen’s, so #5 is already being worn!

  1. Tony Hawk® Mock-Layer Screamer Tee
  2. Old Navy Boys Marvel™ Super Heroes Hoodies
  3. Boys Boot-Cut Jeans
  4. Tony Hawk® Microfiber Convertible Cargo Pants
  5. Keen Youth Skyline WP

As its getting colder, the clothes are getting even cooler!

5 Ways to Heat Up Your Pup!

Sometimes Zoe and Luca get the shivers and that’s when I run to the rescue with a dog sweater or a dog coat. Sure, they may be shivering because they see me with these items in hand, but I like to pretend they’ve got the chills.  Here are some of the cutest dog chill preventers (or inducers) around.

  1. Hookin’ Mama Etsy Shop, Creamsicle Cardigan for Mini Mutts
  2. Old Navy, Quilted Graphic Ski Vests for Dogs
  3. Suzi’s Beary Kute Boutique Etsy Shop, Crochet Candy Corn Dog
  4. Old Navy, Cable-Knit Turtleneck Sweaters for Dogs
  5. Grandma’s Sweaters Etsy Shop, MORE STRIPES/HAND KNIT BY GRANDMA

Flat Out Insane

One of my biggest pet peeves is purchasing an item only to find a much cheaper version a few days or weeks later.  Seriously, it eats me up, drives me to the brink of shopper breakdown. This is how I became the bargain hunter that I am today.  Before you go flat out insane from similar circumstances, check these flats out….


Nordstrom,  Madison Harding ‘Tina’ Flat or Old Navy, Women’s Studded Ballet Flats


Nordstrom, Jeffrey Campbell ‘Jewel 2’ Flat or Old Navy, Women’s Ruffled Faux-Leather Ballet Flats


Nordstrom, DV by Dolce Vita ‘Calvin’ Flat or Old Navy, Women’s Lizard-Print Flats


Nordstrom, Juicy Couture ‘Frazzle’ Fringed Stud Moccasin or Old Navy, Women’s Studded Leather Moccasins

Green with Envy

I’m about to show you some stuff and this stuff rocks my socks off. Why, you say? Well each of these items combine two of my favorite things… green-ness and ruffle-ness. Have at it people… feast your eyes on these beauts!


  1. Anthropologie, Emerald Estuary Tunic
  2. Old Navy, Women’s Ruffled V-Neck Tops
  3. Anthropologie, Gathered Together Dress
  4. Old Navy, Women’s Ruffled Sateen Tops
  5. Anthropologie, Dewpoint Blouse
  6. Old Navy, Women’s Gauze Ruffle Dresses

$50.00 Fridays

When I give you my word, I deliver. Today and all Fridays I am going to take you frugalistas to an all new level of bargain intoxication. AN OUTFIT FOR $50.00. I’m talking a whole outfit. BAM. That’s what I call a happy Friday, baby.

  1. Forever 21, Irene Intricate Earrings
  2. Old Navy, Women’s V-Neck Jersey Dresses-Bitter Chocolate
  3. Old Navy, Women’s Graphic Canvas Totes-Orange Flowers
  4. Forever 21, Dot Texture Ring
  5. the15dollarstore.com, MISS ME Patent T-Strap Platform Heels-Orange

Sick of Navy & Khaki Toddler Pants for Boys?

So in case you haven’t read or guessed yet, I have a little boy. And if you are a mom to a little boy you probably get sick and tired of the same old khaki and navy pants and want to change it up a bit. I know I do! Here are some CUTE CUTE CUTE pants that I’ve run across recently.  I love that most of these are lined so they are soft on those chunky little legs.  My son has practically lived in the American Apparel karate pants since birth!

  1. Boden, Baby Jeans
  2. Boden, Lined Skate Pants
  3. Old Navy, Fleece-Lined Cargo Pants for Baby
  4. American Apparel, Infant Baby Rib
    Karate Pant