In a Fight with a Peacock

Feather extensions are everywhere I look these days, taunting me to put one in my hair. Am I too old? Is it too trendy or far out there? These are the questions I ask myself over and over and I have yet to get one installed in these locks. What say you? Are feather extensions fab or would I look like I got in a fight with a peacock, as my husband puts it?

Black Feather Extension

Etsy Spotlight: Mon Cadeau

There are many times when less is so much more. This is one of those times. I am completely smitten with the simple, clean and elegant jewelry in Mon Cadeau’s etsy shop. I would LOVE to own each and every one of these pieces.  Take a look for yourself.

  1. Silver Initial Tiny Heart Bracelet
  2. Just an Initial Ring
  3. Open Your Heart Earrings
  4. Ten Skinny Stackable Rings
  5. Just  a Bangle
  6. Secret Love Initial Earrings

Fabulous Footwear Friday

These are kinda over the top, but that’s totally what I love about them. I wear a lot of basic tees and shorts and these would be the pop I need for a little spring in my step.

Nordstrom, Naughty Monkey Dainty Sandal

Baby Punching Bags

My son loves this thing his Granny purchased for him. He bats at it, tries to make out with it (or that’s what it looks like) and generally loves to rough it up. It’s quite funny to watch.

SO, when his Grandpa brought over THIS GUY, he was a super major hit. Who knew babies could love punching bags so much!

Glitzy Nails

Previously, even in my teen years, I would never be one to sport glitter nails or toes. Lately that has changed. I am recently drawn to the sparklier the better type of situation, specifically on my toesies. Here are some glittery shades I’m really digging.

  1. OPI Teenage Dream
  2. OPI Show it and Glow it
  3. OPI Sparkle-icious
  4. OPI My Private Jet

Doctor’s Orders!

This book is amazing. Everything that comes out of Cupcakes: From the Cake Mix Doctor is simply eat your way into a sugar coma amazing. It basically takes regular out of the box cake mixes and turns them into gourmet cupcakes. Get this book and try it out… just don’t blame me when your pants don’t fit:)

Fall for My Boy

Recently someone commented to me that they were not sure who decided that girl baby clothes are cuter than boys. I could not agree more and I can not WAIT for cooler weather for many, many reasons, but DUDE to see my little man in some of this stuff doing his wobbly chubby legged baby walk…just shoot me now. SO CUTE.

  1. Old Navy, Boys Baseball Tee
  2. Gymboree, Plaid Cuffed Denim
  3. Carters, Body Suits
  4. Carters, Grey and Orange Sneakers
  5. Old Navy, Frost Free Vest for Baby
  6. Old Navy, Hooded Waffle Knit Shirts
  7. Carters, 3 Pk Rugby Socks
  8. Children’s Place, Pull on Cargos
  9. Walmart, Garanimals Fleece Zip Hoodie
  10. Children’s Place, 3 in 1 Fleece Hat

A little in love with Alloy

I’m over summer. I’m over my summer clothing options. Shorts. Tees. Flops. BLAH.  We won’t be seeing fall for some LONG time around here, but that has not stopped me from browsing things to wear in not 1021544 degree temps. That brought me to these delicious finds at Alloy. Adorable, check it.

  1. Rouched Doloman Tee
  2. Caprise Blouse
  3. Veronica Colorblock Top
  4. Megan Blouse
  5. Colorblock Stripe Top
  6. Stripe Kangaroo Pocket Top

My Inner Jersey Girl

I like the show Jerseylicious. I’m not going to hang my head in shame over it. It’s about hair and make-up and it’s ridiculously dressed ladies and their drama. I watch it, shamlessly. They love an animal print on that show. And while I don’t plaster my walls with cheetah print murals, it really is growing on me in a way I never knew it could. Look at these cute, cute things that are oh so cheetah, but only maybe a small percent Jersey.

  1. Forever 21, Blouson Leopard Top
  2. Charlotte Russe, Animal Print T Back Top
  3. Forever 21, Leopard and Zipper Top
  4. Charlotte Russe, Animal Print Chiffon Tank
  5. Forever 21, Leopard Criss Cross Top
  6. Forever 21, Burn Out Leopard Print Tee

Ween For Your Ring

We all know I have 3 crazed lunatic weiner dogs that think they own my house. While, they have take backstage to this little adorable creature for the last nine months +

I do still care for these weenies more than most would if they ever saw how nuts they are. That being said, I guess I’m still a crazy weenie dog lady and when I saw this… Well, its a weenie ring holder aka a ween for your rings and OMG its cute!

Charlotte Russe, Weiner Dog Ring Holder