Christmas Wishlist: Court Edition

I’ve been so damned good this year, I feel like Santa is making a special trip just for me.  Here’s what I hope the fat ol’ man is bringing my way!

  1. Nike Lunarsoft – totally needs these for my 5k’s that me and Melis have planned.
  2. Lucky Hoodie – cause a sporty spice can never have too many hoodies.
  3. Mounted Organizer – cause I am so over keys and envelopes just laying about.
  4. Simple Boots – I’ve had my eyes on these beauts for two years.  Santa, where the hell are you at???
  5. Jade Hoops – HOLY HELL!  These have my name all over them!
  6. Agent 18 iPhone Cover – this is me, through and through.
  7. Kenneth Cole Bangles – I’ve made a resolution to wear even more bracelets.  Help a sista out santa!
  8. Lego Notebook – I am a nerd through and through.  I have to be stylin’ at work.

Christmas List: 7-year-old BOY Edition!

Anyone want to know whats on a 7-year-old’s Christmas list…?? Here it is.

cr-atm xmas list

  1. New Super Mario Bros for Wii –  will Mommy want to play?  Mayyyybe.   Some of my favorite memories of Austin and I together have come from when I conquered SMB on Austin’s DS about a year ago.  I felt like a hero with him cheering me on 🙂
  2. Star Wars Table Top Electric Pinball – Darth Vader + Pinball = awesome.
  3. Star Wars Lego Star Wars Limited Edition X-Wing Fighter – see above.  Star Wars + Lego = awesomer.  Finding miscellaneous Rebel Alliance Lego parts all over the house for years=priceless.
  4. Pokemon Sleeping Bag – Do we go camping alot?  No.  Do we have tons of uses for a Pokemon themed sleeping bag?  Hellz yes.
  5. Blockus – strategy game that my son will love and I will hopefully master and be able to rub it in his face.  HAHAHA!  I mean Ho Ho Ho!
  6. Pokemon Puzzle – we can put this together while zipped up in #4!
  7. Diary of a Wimpy Kid Dog Days – this is the fourth book in this series and my son has finished the three before it.  Like I always tell Austin….always read something that will make you look good if you die in the middle of it. Seriously though, this series is great, and it keeps Austin hungry to read.  Win, win.
  8. Snap on Digi Camera – Can hold up to 40 pics and its spring clip prevents it from being lost yeah right.
  9. Guess Who – does your person have hair?  does your person have glasses?  does your person have wrinkles?  Whoever that is, thats one ugly ass person.  But I love playing this game with Austin.

As a side note, Ben (my boyfriend) and I Santa may or may not have shopped at this year for many of these items 🙂