Holiday Gift Guides: The Parentals

If you are like me, you struggle every year with what to get your parents for Christmas.  Generally I can get by with finding something for my mom, but for my dad–that’s a tough one.  As I went on the hunt I found some pretty cool things….granted, some of these are out of my price range but they may not be out of yours so I thought I’d pass them along!

  1. Frontgate, Amplified Phone with Answering System-check out the HUGE numbers and the PHOTO speed dials!
  2. Old Navy, Cable Knit Cocoon Cardigan
  3. American Apparel, Circle Scarf
  4. Sur La Table, Moistly Grilled Cast Iron Grill Humidifier
  5. Amazon, Vacuum Seal Marinizer System
  6. Williams-Sonoma, Monogrammed Forged Steak Brand
  7. Crate and Barrel, Pixie Candleholder
  8. Sundance, Mason Jar Snowglobe
  9. Crate and Barrel, Fiesta At Rick’s Cookbook by Rick Bayless
  10. Sur La Table, Jura Cup Warmer-OMG this is so cool!
  11. The Home Depot, Wireless Rain Gauge
  12. The Home Depot, Ames Water Genie

Herb Garden

These totally inspire me to grow herbs on my window sill…you know, the window sill with the cute curtains that is always open so you can see the kiddos playing in the yard while you’re inside doing dishes…you know, that one…the only problems is:

A) I can’t grow anything plants to save my life.

B) I don’t have a flippin window sill!!!! (or kiddos…actually, I don’t “do” dishes either…)

But aren’t these inspiring????

  1. Etsy, Vintage Silverware Garden Marker
  2. Etsy, Custom Garden Markers
  3. Etsy, Mini Burlap Bag with Rosemary
  4. Etsy, Illustrated herb vintage silver spoon garden markers
  5. Williams-Sonoma, Aerogarden Elite Garden: Only buy this if you’re a serious, I repeat, serious her grower….
  6. Etsy, Mini Oak Plant Holder with Chalkboard Stripe

Just Pot It

Earlier this week I mentioned a few great spring blooms, but what is the point of a great bloom without an equally amazing pot to put it in????

  1. The Pottery Patch, Small Oval Pot with Iron Handles
  2. Direct from Mexico, Small Talavera Footed Planter
  3. Direct from Mexico, Talavera Goblet Planter
  4. Etsy, 1964 Flower Pot
  5. The Pottery Patch, Scratched Oval Planter

Easter Bunny is Coming to Town

So, Easter is always a neat time of the year.  Church, hidden plastic eggs filled with money, and family.  That all makes sense right?

Seriously though, I love scoping out goodies for my son, Austin’s, basket.  Check it out (rated: 7-year-old boy).

  1. Pocket Bunny– handmade and adorable.  Love it.
  2. Bunny Crayons – I love seeing something as simple as crayons in a shape like a bunny to celebrate the day.
  3. Soccer Easter Basket – for my little future Pelé.
  4. Travel Battelship – these types of things are great for going on trips, around the house with out the clutter and just to have when he spends the night at a friends.  Austin has really gotten into Risk lately.  Anyone seen an updated or travel version of Risk?
  5. Peeps – ‘nough said.
  6. Venus Fly Trap Kit – has anyone been watching the new series on the Discovery Channel, Life?  Well, its great, Aus and I really love watching it together and it makes it totally rational to give my son a Venus Fly Trap for Easter.
  7. Indoor Boomerang – I always kick myself in the ass for toys like this.  But, an indoor boomerang?  Pretty sure we need to test it just to make sure it WON’T break things.
  8. Giant LED Flashlight – Aus has a million flashlights, but the LED and the size makes this one even cooler.

The Plant You WON’T Kill

I do NOT have luck with houseplants.  I kill them.  I kill them all.  It’s not pretty.  I mean I literally have killed the so called “Closet Plant”.  You know the one…the one that they send instead of flowers to a funeral with the white blooms.  I’ve killed that one.  But now I’ve found the one! The one that I can’t kill.  Do you know why I can’t kill it?  Do you know why it thrives in my home?  Because you only have to water it 6 times a YEAR.  Introducing the ZZ Plant.  Go getcha one.  You plant killer you.

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