Holiday Gift Guides: Gamers

Have someone in your life who is glued to the games?  I live with a couple of them, and I must say, there is a never a shortage of ideas for things to buy.  A few of these were specific suggestions from Ben, some I just thought would be a really neat.

  1. Eat Sleep Game – I bought a very similar shirt for Ben one year and he loved.
  2. Gaming Keyboard
  3. Harmony One Remote – to help facilitate all the gaming.
  4. Gaming Headset – this just says badass.
  5. Rock Band 3 Bundle
  6. Super Mario 2 Galaxy Wii
  7. Gran Turismo 5 PS3
  8. Call of Duty Black Ops – if any gamer doesn’t already have this game, its a must.

Holiday Gift Guides: Under $50

Most of us are on a strict holiday budget, with a LOT of people to buy for, but being on a budget doesn’t mean skimping on great gifts! Here are a few things I’ve found that people in my life may or may not be receiving:

  1. Sundance, Garnet Showcase Earrings
  2. Amazon, Collegiate Deluxe Chair
  3. Anthropologie, Tortoise Necker
  4. Pottery Barn, Quilted Velvet Cosmetic Bags
  5. Bombat Washer Co., Collegiate Washer Set
  6. Restoration Hardware, Luxury Plush Throw
  7. Pottery Barn, McKenna Travel Folio
  8. Etsy, Double Ruffle Scarf in Jersey Fabric

Easter Bunny is Coming to Town

So, Easter is always a neat time of the year.  Church, hidden plastic eggs filled with money, and family.  That all makes sense right?

Seriously though, I love scoping out goodies for my son, Austin’s, basket.  Check it out (rated: 7-year-old boy).

  1. Pocket Bunny– handmade and adorable.  Love it.
  2. Bunny Crayons – I love seeing something as simple as crayons in a shape like a bunny to celebrate the day.
  3. Soccer Easter Basket – for my little future Pelé.
  4. Travel Battelship – these types of things are great for going on trips, around the house with out the clutter and just to have when he spends the night at a friends.  Austin has really gotten into Risk lately.  Anyone seen an updated or travel version of Risk?
  5. Peeps – ‘nough said.
  6. Venus Fly Trap Kit – has anyone been watching the new series on the Discovery Channel, Life?  Well, its great, Aus and I really love watching it together and it makes it totally rational to give my son a Venus Fly Trap for Easter.
  7. Indoor Boomerang – I always kick myself in the ass for toys like this.  But, an indoor boomerang?  Pretty sure we need to test it just to make sure it WON’T break things.
  8. Giant LED Flashlight – Aus has a million flashlights, but the LED and the size makes this one even cooler.

Ladies, This is a Way to Destroy Your Husband at Golf

So this is our Christmas tradition at my parents house…  Christmas morning we eat breakfast, we open gifts, we get dinner started and then we get our game on.

Since we live in the Houston area, the weather is generally not what you think of as wintery…its more like throw a jacket on and go outside and you are fine type of weather.  So while dinner is cookin’, we get to gamin’ and let me tell you you might as well have yelled SHALLONGE!  The competitiveness that comes out here is unbelievable.

Here’s some ideas for ya…

ak-xmas gaming

  1. Halex Lasso Golf Tailgate Game
  2. Official Outdoor Steel Horseshoe Set
  3. Fundex Bulls-Eye Washers

What do you guys do on Christmas Day?