Gingham: Its Not Just For Picnics Anymore…

I don’t know if anyone else has noticed, but gingham print is a big trend for this spring. I’ve always found myself gravitating towards this print, even if it does make me feel like a picnic blanket or a country bumpkin sometimes.  Either way, I am all over this trend.

  1. Old Navy, Women’s Printed Button Down Shirt
  2., Fred Perry Sunshot Gingham
  3. LL Bean, Fabric Belt
  4. J Crew, Gingham Sonoma Short
  5. Old Navy, Women’s Ruffled Gauze Top (this is one of those already in my closet 🙂 )
  6. Target, Mossimo Supply Co Gingham Tote
  7. Banana Republic, Ruffle Trim Gingham Shirt
  8. Target, Merona Women’s Bermuda Short (another one in my closet already)
  9., Novelty Auto Open Umbrella
  10. Payless, Serendipity Gingham High Wedge

Sporty Spice: Fall Must Haves

When do moms get to go back to school shopping?  I know Aus got HOOKED up, and I am fallin hard for these fall essentials.  I am definitely on the look out for some new pieces to add to my rotation and these have my name on them.

  1. Sporty Tunic
  2. Levi Flare Jeans
  3. Hooded Cardi
  4. Emotions Top
  5. Floral Tunic
  6. Blue Crossbody
  7. Coral Flats

Give Me a Wedge(e)!

Get it?   HAHAHA.  I’m pretty lame.

So,  I’ve figured out that due to various situations I am not longer eligible for stilettos or 4 inch heels.  I have outlined these below:

  • WAS- weak ankle syndrome
  • achy feet
  • getting too damned old
  • not wanting to feel like too much of a stripper
  • the high likelihood that if I have consumed any alcohol at all–I could end up DFO (done fell out aka, on the ground)

The solution?  Easy, a wedge or platform.  I am completely in love.  The elegance for the dressier times, the comfort I need.  Here’s a few I have my eyes on.

  1. Michael Antonio Green Wedge
  2. Rampage Wedge with Turquoise
  3. Jessica Simpson Orange Wedge
  4. BCBG Crimson Platform
  5. Xhiliration Olive Wedge

On another note, all of these seem to have a pretty good price tag!