$50 Fridays: Mama Needs Ruffles Too

Being the ruffle-aholic that I am, I was SUPER excited to see this lovely maternity top that will let me be all girled up with out breaking the bank. (Um, maternity wear is ‘spensive y’all) And… purple and gray happens to be a favorite color combo of mine as well. BONUS!

  1. Target, Sleeveless Ruffle Top
  2. Forever21, Chiffon Earrings
  3. Walmart, Brushed Twill Pants
  4. Walmart, Olivia T Thong Sandals

I’m a Racer at Heart

Because I can’t get enough of racerback detailing on tops!

  1. Forever21, Floral Applique Tank
  2. Martin + Osa, Racerback Ruffle Shirt
  3. Forever21, Tiered Lace Top
  4. Charlotte Russe, Racerback Rosette Tank
  5. Target, Womens Racerback Bib Top
  6. Charlotte Russe, Ruffled Racerback Tank

Don’t Fight the Bright

As y’all have all been told, I am a ginormous fan of color and I have been seeing some purty cute brights for spring that are makin me stop in my tracks. For those of you scaredy cats, just use one of these as your pop of color and springy and fun you will be!

  1. Old Navy, Faux Leather Trimmed Cresent Totes
  2. Old Navy, Neon Digital Sports Watches
  3. Forever21, Sunglasses
  4. Old Navy, Faux Patent Leather Gladiator Sandals
  5. Old Navy, Sling Back Flip Flops
  6. Old Navy, Womens Beaded Cuff Bracelet
  7. Forever21, Woven Leatherette Hobo

$50 Fridays: Unleash Your Wild Side

Grrrroooowwwl!  Leopard is one of those prints… you love it or you hate it! Well, give it a try. For this price you can’t lose!

  1. Target, Wakeisha Braided Sandals
  2. Forever21, Hammered Earrings
  3. Forever21, Racerback Tank
  4. Forever21, Leopard Cardigan
  5. Forever21, Fab Ankle Zip Skinnies

Create a Waist

Even though I am soon to be quite ineligible for these, I have always been a huge belt fan. They can be placed at just the right spot to to gather your blouse or dress and make you look like you have that Marilyn Monroe hourglass figure that you always wanted. Here are some super cute belts that will definitely do the trick!

  1. Etsy, AWCOMBS Claudette Belt
  2. Forever21, Woven Two Tone Belt
  3. Gap, Skinny Leather Belt
  4. Anthropologie, Ticker Tape Belt
  5. Old Navy, Perforated Leather Belt
  6. Old Navy, Stretch D Ring Belt

Hats Off to Spring!

An old time accessory that doesn’t get as much action as it should is the hat. I’m not talking about the ratty baseball cap that you use to cover those bad hair days when you are running errands. I’m talking about hats with real style, I’m talkin bout these…

  1. Forever21, Spotted Feather Straw Fedora
  2. Banana Republic, Raffia Straw Fedora
  3. JCrew, Summer Straw Hat
  4. Charlotte Russe, Polka Dot Fedora
  5. Forever21, Diamond Floppy Hat
  6. Charlotte Russe, Button Linen Cadet Hat
  7. Forever21, Beaded Cowgirl Hat

Things I Can Wear and So Can You

I have always gravitated towards flowy and loose tops. Before I lost the weight that I did pre-wedding, no one thought I needed to lose anything by looking at me. And when I would say I was dieting, they would tell me some tale of me being out of my mind- that I looked fine already.  I was good at disguising is what it was. Well, now that I’m pregnant, my pants are getting tight and my previously not round belly is starting to have a little done-lapped over my pants situation.  So enter my love of flowy tops. Here we go ladies, these are your best friend.. let me tell you. Prego or not.

  1. Walmart, Organic Chambray Key Hole Top
  2. Forever21, Silk Flounce Top
  3. Kohls, Twisted Chiffon Tunic
  4. Chadwicks, Diamond Inset Goddess Tank
  5. Victorias Secret, Tiered Silk Georgette Shell
  6. Forever21, Eyelet Trim Woven Top
  7. Chadwicks, The Tiered Tee
  8. Victorias Secret, Tiered Linen Halter Sweater

$50 Fridays: OOOOOOHHHH Baby!

Whew! It was a very busy beginning of 2010 for the Der Family with anniversary, birthdays, Valentine’s day, new weiner dog… and even all that wasn’t enough for us.  Well, people of the internet world, I’m with child. I am 10 weeks preggers with our first baby and couldn’t be more tired, nauseous or more thrilled! So, to celebrate this monumental occasion today is the first of several maternity $50 Fridays to come, I’m sure!  Cuz, now I have yet another arena to spread my bargain shopping wealth….maternity wear. So, Here we go….

  1. Walmart, Maternity Gathered V Neck Top
  2. Forever21, Clam Dangle Earrings
  3. Target, Wandy Braided Sandals
  4. Walmart, Maternity Jeans

Things I Love Under $10.00

I think the title speaks volumes here, but there are some great deals and steals that should scooped up FAST. I mean, ruffles, springy color, and fun accessories… all under a 10 spot. Wow, now that’s what I call a bargain.

  1. Forever21, Ruffle Knit Top – I was gifted this at my birthday time and I LOVE it. Perfect under a bright cardi while its still chilly and perfect alone in the warmer weather.
  2. Old Navy, Jersey Tote– Perfect for carrying books, carrying groceries or carrying as a purse. Soft as a baby’s bottom and dirt cheap!
  3. Walmart, Olivia T Thong Sandals– Who doesn’t need a $10.00 girl pop of pink in the form of a sandal for a neutral spring outfit?!?
  4. Walmart, Island Thong Sandals– These shoes were made for walkin! I wear a pair of these faux crocs every year when we Tipsy girls spend all damned day long walking miles upon miles antique shopping in April. No blisters, no nothing… like walking on air.
  5. Forever21, Raw Turquoise Pendant– This necklace falls right in like with the jewelry trends for fall combining the “hottest color” and the mineral look for a very minimal price.
  6. Walmart, Norma Kamali Women’s Draped Jersey Tank – Beautiful draping that could work for officewear or a night on the town.. and UM $8!
  7. Forever21, Metal and Turquoise Wood Bracelet– This is a $6 statement all over your wrist. Style, style, style.
  8. Walmart, Sophia Patent Thong Sandals – Instead of your usually pop of red shoe… how about try sunshine yellow and for $10.00 it’s worth the risk!

$50 Fridays: Orange Ya Glad It’s Friday!

It’s been a long week over here on this end and man am I glad to see Friday and glad to see this beautiful bright shade of orange paired with some turquoise… a favorite color combo of the ladies of Tipsy Society. So happy and springy!

  1. Walmart, George Women’s Ribbed VNeck Top
  2. Old Navy, Pom Pom Fringe Scarf
  3. Old Navy, Sweetheart Distressed Skinny Jeans
  4. Forever21, Norma Metal Tier Earrings
  5. Old Navy, Faux Leather Ankle Strap Sandal