$50 Fridays: Economical Warmth

It’s gotten chilly willy around these parts, which doesn’t happen that often. SO, no real need to invest in a high dollar coat for the 4 days of cold temps we may have per winter. This one is chic and cheap!

  1. Forever21, Skinny Jeans
  2. Forever21, Textured Hoops
  3. Walmart, Plaid Tee
  4. Forever21, Pea Coat
  5. Forever21, Classic Yarn Scarf
  6. Walmart, Maryjane Flats

Holy Sequin I Need a Party to Attend

Every which way you turn your pretty little head there are sequins galore on tops, cardigans, skirts, you name it. I have one problem and that is no where to wear them. I am determined to find a way to work any or all of these into my holiday wardrobe even if it means partying with a 2 month old while daddy’s at work. Spit up be damned!

  1. Forever 21, Sequin Stripes Top
  2. Charlotte Russe, Sequin Pencil Skirt
  3. NY and Company, Matte Sequin Tank Top
  4. Target, Sequin Striped Tank
  5. Target, Sequin Ballet Flats
  6. Target, Sequin Pocket Boyfriend Cardigan
  7. NY and Company, Sequin Cardigan

$50 Fridays:Thankful for Good Deals and Elastic Waists

Less than a week til we are shoveling our pie holes with tons of pie and a little turkey on the side. We are going to need a cute and expandable outfit for such an occasion.

  1. Walmart, Womens Denim Leggings
  2. Forever 21, Striped Knit Dress
  3. Charlotte Russe, Box Chain Jewel Necklace
  4. 15 Dollar Store, Braided Wedge Flats

Gift Wrapped

The bow trend has been done on flats, heels, cardigans, headbands and now even on jewelry. It’s a nice feminine touch for those of you who don’t want all the frills.

  1. Charlotte Russe, Black Rhinestone Bow Ring
  2. The Limited, Bow Stud Earrings
  3. Charlotte Russe, Black Bow Ring
  4. Charlotte Russe, Shiny Gold Bow Necklace
  5. Charlotte Russe, Layered Bow Necklace

$50 Fridays: Bringing Back the Past

This is like the new, cute version of the scrunchie socks, oversized sweater, and stirrup leggings of my wardrobe in elementary school. Y’all know you sported that look too, don’t hate.

  1. Walmart, Scrunch Boots
  2. Forever21, Jeweled Teardrop Earrings
  3. Forever21, Sweater Tunic
  4. Forever21, Leggings

Furby Accents

As an animal lover, you won’t catch me dead in a fur coat. That doesn’t mean I won’t fake you out with a faux fur accent on my winterwear. I’m seeing furbies pop up all over the place and I’m totally digging it.

  1. Forever21, Faux Fur Trim Cardigan
  2. Forever21, Faux Fur Collar Coat
  3. Target, Merona Hooded Puffer with Faux Fur Trim
  4. Charlotte Russe, Fur Collar Open Vest
  5. Walmart, OP Fur Trimmed Hoodie
  6. Walmart, OP Plaid Hooded Vest

$50 Friday: Love My Boyfriend

I’m really digging the boyfriend trend lately. Could it be that the slouchy tees, cardigans and jeans are a perfect way to conceal that post baby flubber? Maybeeee…

  1. Forever21, Long Chain Accent Necklace
  2. Forever 21, Fab Skinny Jeans
  3. Forever21, Slub Knit Tee
  4. Forever21, Boyfriend Cardigan
  5. Forever21, Cute Leatherette Flats

Ring a Ding Ding Ding Dong

I love cocktail jewelry, I would rather take the money I’d spend on one piece of nice jewelry and buy upteen million pieces of cocktail jewelry. The one exception being my wedding ring, of course. Which still doesn’t fit post baby,by the way. (omg so annoying) So, until I can squeeze my sausage finger back into my ring, I’ll be sporting some pretty cocktailness on my finger. Are y’all real jewelry or cocktail gals?

  1. Charlotte Russe, Assymetrical Geode Ring
  2. Charlotte Russe, Gold Armor Ring
  3. Old Navy, Womens Cocktail Ring
  4. Old Navy, Dome Cocktail Ring

Do Be a Slouch

With all this love for jeggings and the skinny jeans, we need some tops that balance out that booty, if ya know what I mean. I used to think these types of blouses only worked for your 80’s Halloween costume, but I have to say they are growing on me fast. So, are you a slouch?

  1. Gap, Lurex Drapey Tee
  2. Gap, Cocoon Tee
  3. Gap, Doloman Cardigan
  4. Charlotte Russe, Oversized Batwig Tee
  5. Walmart, Womens Snap Front Top
  6. Charlotte Russe, Poncho Style Feather Tee

Coats Galore!

There is one thing I have discovered will not work with my current ginormous breastfeeding chest… my winter coat from previous years. Sure, I can get it on, but it comes no where NEAR being able to close or button. So, on the hunt for a new coat I shall go! Here are some adorable options.

  1. Old Navy, Ruffle Collar Wool Blend Jacket
  2. Charlotte Russe, Retro Wool A Line Coat
  3. Old Navy, Wool Blend Prep Coat
  4. Forever21, Fleece Textured Coat
  5. Target, Hooded Wool Toggle Coat
  6. Target, Ribbed Neck Button Down Coat