$50 Friday: A Night On The Town

This whole outfit came to be because of the shoes. I love love LOVE them, and I love their price tag. They would be perfect for a night out on the town, whether it be a date night,  just a girls night, or even a wedding. And you can’t go wrong with the classic red & black color combo…

  1. Forever 21, Rhinestone Small Drop Earrings
  2. Forever 21,  Fab Belted Dress
  3. Forever 21, Plain Knit Tights
  4. Forever 21, Three Rhinestone Bracelets
  5. Charlotte Russe, Suede Pump With Perforated Toe
  6. Forever 21, Metallic Sparkle Wallet

To In-Vest or Not To In-Vest?

Okay ladies, I need some opinions here. If you haven’t already noticed, faux fur vests seem to be a big trend for the fall. I think they are so cute, but part of me is hesitant to purchase one for the following reason:  I can’t decide if I would

A) Look like an idiot because I live in south Texas (even though I wouldn’t wear it until it actually gets cold)
B) Look like I am trying to be a Viking
C) Look totally adorable

What do you think?

  1. Target,  Merona Collection Lisa Faux Fur Vest
  2. New York and Company, Faux Fur Vest
  3. Forever 21, Cozy Faux Fur Vest
  4. Forever 21, Faux Fur Vest w/ Bow Belt
  5. Papaya, Ivory Rib Fur Vest
  6. Charlotte Russe, Luxe Fur Vest

$50 Friday: Comfy and Cozy

The weather in south Texas has FINALLY cooled down a bit, and it is beginning to feel like fall. That’s got warm and cozy clothes on my mind, like this outfit…

  1. Forever 21, Fab Skinny Jeans
  2. Forever 21, Crystalline Drop Earrings
  3. Forever 21, Basic LS Fitted Top
  4. Forever 21, Leatherette Ballet Flats w/ Bow
  5. Forever 21, 3/4 Slv Shawl Sweater Cardigan

$50 Fridays: Silly Name, Serious Pants

That’s right, you guessed it ladies. I am talking about jeggings. Jean leggings. Now I was skeptical of this trend when it first arrived, mostly because of the stupid name. But let me tell you, its probably the best trend to pop up EVER.  Let me break it down for you. Take the cute look of tight skinny jeans and add the comfort of pajama pants (i.e. the elastic waist band), and you get what might be the most comfortable pant ever made.  So go forth and eat as much as you want ladies, because these pants will stretch with you.  I am going to need at least 14 pairs…

  1. Forever 21,  Fab Basic Knit Top
  2. Forever 21, Jaded Hoops
  3. Forever 21,  Basic Pull-on Jeggings I
  4. Forever 21, Silk Jacquard Scarf
  5. Urban Original, Pink Duchess Betsy Ruffled Ballet Flat

Melis’ Make Believe Shopping

I’m Melis, one and only sister of Der (who is currently on blog maternity leave). I’m thrilled to be joining the cast of characters here at Tipsy Society and thought I would let y’all in on a little bit about me.

I’m a 20 something grad student at the superly awesome Texas A&M University working on joining the real working world within the next year (hopefully, depending on how tipsy I get). I am a proud dog mom to a speckled weiner, named Lily. She’s my half blind handicapable dogchild and I’m sure you will hear lots more about her during my stint here.

The other thing that I need to admit is that I am a true to the game make believe shopper. I place items in my online cart with no intention of ever buying them; it’s practice shopping for when I have a real job with a real paycheck. I have been a broke college student for 5+ years now so it’s honestly just a survival technique at this point.

Here are the items currently on my make believe shopping list:

  1. Forever21, Striped Rosette Beanie
  2. Old Navy, Shark Dog Costume
  3. Old Navy, Pom Pom Fringe Scarf
  4. Forever21, Impression Suedette Heels
  5. Papaya, Studded Fringy Bag
  6. Target, Back Ruffled Dress

$50 Fridays: My Sister’s Closet

My sister and I have a fantasy that one day we will open a trendy, fun boutique type store and call it My Sister’s Closet. Growing up, when asked where she got her outfits that would be her reply…see,  because she was a little thief.  I have to admit that if she lived in the same city as me currently, I may be getting a lot of my wardrobe from my sister’s closet nowadays. Like this lovely number that she wore recently…

  1. NY & Co., Ruffled Sleeveless Tunic
  2. Forever21, Leaf Earrings
  3. Forever21, Leggings
  4. Forever21, Latice Back Sandals
  5. Forever21, Woven Belt

Pretty Things at Every Price: Necklaces

I think we all can appreciate a good piece of neck candy every now and then. Sometimes it’s enough to take a plain old tee from drab to fab! Here are some terrific tipsy girl selections that are sure to fit any budget with the varying price points.

  1. Der: This seems like a very simple (and inexpensive), yet interesting necklace that is neutral enough that I would get tons of mileage out of it.
  2. Court: So necklaces are something of a love/hate thing with me.  Love the look, hate the feeling I am being choked?  BUT, I do try to make an attempt to integrate them more and more, because I know how well they can spruce up an outfit.  I love color and anything floral.  This little locket speaks to me in some many different ways.  TOO CUTE.
  3. AK: I am almost always drawn to bright and colorful necklaces and/or statement necklaces. Obvs I love the turquoise in this in addition to its ability to be dressed up or down.  I’m actually physically restraining myself from buying this necklace as you read this.
  4. Sarah: You can never go wrong with a pearl necklace. I love the layered look of this and the flower adds just a touch of something extra…I could see myself wearing this necklace to dress up a tee or a button-down shirt in the fall!

One Dollar Deals

What can one dollar even buy you these days? Not too much, besides my beloved Mickey D’s ice cream cones. Each of these items below are a dollar and some change and stylish and cute as well. So, go forth, buy 5, 10, or 20 of each… it’ll still be a bargain.

  1. Forever21, Jewel Cluster Drop Earrings
  2. Forever21, Lace Chiffon Floral Bobby Pin
  3. Forever21, Three Tiered Bow Headband
  4. Forever21, Ankle Socks
  5. Forever21, Flat Filigree Earrings
  6. Forever21, Crystalline Drop Earrings

$50 Fridays: Stretch the Maxi to the Max

Maxi dresses are certainly more summery with all that flowiness to let the breeze in, but I’ve seen a few fall transitional maxis that have long sleeves and are making me swoon. So, here’s to taking that maxi far into fall!

  1. Forever21, Mock Slub Maxi Dress
  2. Charlotte Russe, Infinity Scarf
  3. Forever21, Disc Earrings
  4. Forever21, Mixed Bangles
  5. Walmart, Ballet Flats

Vertically Challenged

All your life you hear not to wear those unflattering horizontal stripes, but this fall there are a bucket load of cute tees that are sure to have me breaking that good ole’  rule. Are you a fan of the horizontal stripe?

  1. Gap, Striped Cowl Neck Tee
  2. Walmart, Norma Kamali Striped Tee
  3. Gap, Zipper Mariner Top
  4. Forever21, Distressed Striped Tee
  5. Forever21, Striped Tee Tunic
  6. Charlotte Russe, Embellished Striped Tee
  7. American Eagle, Button Cuff Thermal
  8. LOFT, Striped Tee with Button Detail