La Virgen de Guadalupe (that means THE Virgen de Guadalupe)

That’s my husband’s favorite joke…”Do you know what La Cocina means?…THE Cocina”…followed by much laughter.  Hey, his joke not mine.  So I couldn’t resist when writing up this post.

If you live in Texas, the Virgin of Guadalupe is probably a sight you’ve seen many times.  I’m not Catholic but I love the colors and stars and everything about the image.  My aunt has these boots and they are AMAZING and I may or may not need to steal them from her closet.

  1. Rocketbuster, Virgin Guadalupe Black
  2. Crows Nest Trading Co, Your Heart Is Free Ring by Sweet Bird Studio
  3. James Avery, Virgin of Guadalupe Charm
  4. Stinky Monkey 4 Eva Etsy Shop, La Virgin de Guadalupe Apron
  5. Junk Gypsy, Turquoise Guadalupe Cuff

Etsy Spotlight: Lo Lo’s Rings

Rings!  I LOVE bright funky rings!  One funky ring can add just the pop of color an outfit needs.  I was just browsing Etsy one day…like I do every most days.  Shut up, everyone does it. Wait. What? You don’t browse Etsy EVERYDAY??  Loser.  So anyway, I ran across Lo Lo’s Rings and fell in love with the Crabby Patties Ring.  You would not believe what I can wear this ring with…ALOT, trust me.  Lo Lo’s Rings are super comfy because they have elastic cords for the band.  I’ve been eyeing the Iced Blueberry Ring for a while…which one are you going after?

It’s a Hootenanny!

So I think you are catching on to my owl obsession.  It began with my son’s nursery and it just seemed to take off from there.  I just see owls EVERYWHERE!  Hoo you lookin’ at foo?!  That’s right, I said it!


  1. Anthropologie, Owling Sake Pot
  2. Cocoa & Milkweed’s Etsy Shop, Woodsy the Owl bib
  3. Urban Outfitters, Recycled Tin Owl
  4. Napa Style, Watchful Wooden Owl
  5. Fruitfly Pie’s Etsy Shop, Ceramic Owl Piggy Bank Vintage Design-Orange
  6. Anthropologie, Wide-Eyed Dishtowel-Aqua
  7. Sundance Catalog, Wisdom Necklace
  8. Crow’s Nest Trading Co., Peyton Owl Pendant

Do You Know What Today Is?

So my hubby bought this necklace for me for Mother’s Day this year.  My calendar necklace from dalla nonna is the month of October and has my son’s birthday along with my wedding anniversary because they happened the same month 3 years apart!  FTW!

Girls, drop the hint–its a super elegantly simple everyday necklace that your guy should totally buy you for an anniversary or your wedding or your first child.  And guys (if any guys read this site) that means–if you are getting married, already are married or if your wife birthed your child from her very own loins either after hours and hours of painstaking labor or via scalpel because of a c-section, then you totally owe her.

And DUDE, they totally have bracelets now!

$50 Fridays: Halloween Edition

You won’t spook your wallet with this festive outfit!

  1. Bella Chic Designs Etsy Shop, Florida Oranges Post Earrings
  2. Forever 21, Striped Raglan Cardigan
  3. Teri’s Treasures Etsy Shop, Lil Fabric Gift Bag-Boo
  4. Forever 21, Fab Flare Jean
  5. Target, Women’s Xhilaration: Saniya Pointed Toe Flats-Dark Orange

Francesca’s Fall Favs!

Here are my picks from their fall arrivals….


  1. Tennessee Bracelet in Gold
  2. China Doll Top
  3. Gaussian Knit Tunic in Black
  4. Golden Poppy Sweater
  5. Flapper Headband in Yellow
  6. In the Loop Necklace in Multi

I’m personally not a huge fan of scarfs, but for those who are, the Ruffled Up Scarf in Red looks like its super cute!  Love, love this store.

A Few of My Favorite Things…

I love the simplicity of Stella and Dot’s flair.  They are all about helping busy, strong women thrive and look their best.  Here are just a few items that I am in love with at the moment.


  1. Stella and Dot, Stackable Rings
  2. Stella and Dot, Together Forever Necklace
  3. Stella and Dot, Zoe Bracelet in Turq

In addition to having great jewelry, they also have a great blog with tips, pics, and even videos on the most up to date looks.

If Jewelry Grew On Trees…

Here’s what I’d be picking today!

  1. Sundance, Countess Earrings
  2. Sundance, Taos Bracelet Trio
  3. Anthropologie, Undulating Orbit Earrings
  4. Sundance, Wraparound Ring
  5. Anthropologie, Notions Necklace