Current Favorites

These are a few of my current favorites in the new arrivals out now…

  1. Oka Corset Top, Anthropologie
  2. Turquoise Trimmed Hoops, Sundance
  3. Scintilla Diamond Earrings, Sundance
  4. Floriography Blouse, Anthropologie

What are your favorites out now? Do tell!

Simply Gold & Silver

I’ve been drawn to jewelry that combines both silver and gold together.  I go through phases of wearing just silver and then times where I wear a lot of gold, so this is like the best of both worlds!

  1. Loop the Loop Earrings, Sundance
  2. Emboldened Earrings, Sundance
  3. Let Loose Earrings, Sundance
  4. Circle of Friends Earrings, Sundance
  5. Tiny Small Layering Necklace, The Dedication Company Etsy Shop

What do you wear more? Gold or silver?


I love me some accessories.  What I love more is when I see some really cute ones on sale!

  1. Twosome Bracelets, Anthropologie
  2. Almond Tiers Necklace, Anthropologie
  3. Dip-Dye Toe, Gap
  4. Kente Bangle, Anthropologie


I have been on a very simple jewelry kick lately and once I landed over at Catbird, I was totally over the moon. There are some extremely unique and special gifts to be found at Catbird and here are my absolute favorites! I’m seriously considering the magnifying glass necklace for a Christmas gift for my mother… unless she takes her stubborn ass to the eye doctor before that:)

  1. Wishing Bracelets
  2. Brass Alphabet Necklace
  3. Brass Teardrop Bangle
  4. Astrological Bracelet
  5. Magnifying Glass Necklace
  6. Alphabet Earrings

Etsy Spotlight: Mon Cadeau

There are many times when less is so much more. This is one of those times. I am completely smitten with the simple, clean and elegant jewelry in Mon Cadeau’s etsy shop. I would LOVE to own each and every one of these pieces.  Take a look for yourself.

  1. Silver Initial Tiny Heart Bracelet
  2. Just an Initial Ring
  3. Open Your Heart Earrings
  4. Ten Skinny Stackable Rings
  5. Just  a Bangle
  6. Secret Love Initial Earrings


Colorblocking has been a big trend lately and I must say I am a big fan. The limited has some uber cute options for anyone who shares my opinion of this trend. That kimono top and halter top are needed in my wardrobe stat!

  1. Colorblock Bow Top
  2. Colorblock Halter
  3. Colorblock Kimono Top
  4. Colorblock Knotted Necklace
  5. Colorblock Straight Leg Pant
  6. Colorblock Crewneck Sweater
  7. Colorblock Skirt
  8. Colorblock Motorcycle Jacket

Pinterest: Nails, Hair, Jewelry

As I said yesterday, I’m totally going to inundate you this week with all things Pinterest that I’ve fallen in love with recently. Imma lump nails, hair and jewelry together because, well, just because.

  1. Ombre Nails
  2. Lauren Conrad’s Ombre Nails

  1. Sock Bun Curls
  2. Waterfall Braid

  1. Curved Triangle Ring
  2. Yellow Necklace
  3. Gold/Turquoise Stacked Rings
  4. Orange/Red/Turquoise Bracelets
  5. Gold Stacked Rings
  6. Multi Colored Bracelets

What have you found on Pinterest recently?

Pinterest: Outfit Love

Hi my name is AK and I’m a Pinterest addict.  This is a recent development in my life, so bear with me as I show you this week all the things I’ve fallen in love with on Pinterest.

Today I’m starting with outfits.  Seeing all these outfits gives me a ton of inspiration to shop my closet and put things together that I normally wouldn’t.  It also makes me long for fall/winter so I can start wearing my beloved cardigans again.

  1. mustard cardigan/striped top/light blue shorts
  2. coral top/aqua necklace (if you are not currently following Kendi Everyday I IMPLORE you to start, I love her outfits and love her humor)
  3. grey top/gold statement necklace (I found this via Ms Cardigan Junkie herself who you should also be following)
  4. aqua cardigan/coral and white striped top
  5. black and white top/turquoise necklace/ruffle cardigan
  6. burnt orange cardigan/gingham top/leopard shoes
  7. blue top/orange scarf/fun earrings
  8. grey tee/orange cardigan/turquoise jewelry/tan bag

Are you on Pinterest? Have you found an outfit combo you love lately, do tell!


I’m headed to a Stella & Dot party tonight and like the planner I am, I have already gone online and checked out the goods.  Here are a few items I am going to be taking a closer look at.  Have any of you bought anything at a Stella & Dot party recently? If so, do tell!

  1. Devi Bangles
  2. Hematite Cupchain Bracelet
  3. Stackable Deco Rings
  4. Together Forever Necklace
  5. Devi CZ Hoop Earrings
  6. Ava Cupchain Necklace
  7. Toujours Bracelet
  8. Marchesa Studs

Ween For Your Ring

We all know I have 3 crazed lunatic weiner dogs that think they own my house. While, they have take backstage to this little adorable creature for the last nine months +

I do still care for these weenies more than most would if they ever saw how nuts they are. That being said, I guess I’m still a crazy weenie dog lady and when I saw this… Well, its a weenie ring holder aka a ween for your rings and OMG its cute!

Charlotte Russe, Weiner Dog Ring Holder