Weiner Dog Nursery…WHAT? WHAT?

You got it folks. I’ll be shoving my love of all things weiner dog all up in my child’s face, whether boy or girl. Before you get skeptical, have a looksee here. This is gonna be one cute room for a bambino. These are the findings so far, but I’ll be sure to keep everyone posted on the DIY weiner room.

  1. Etsy, Barbeque the Dachshund– Already purchased and waiting to be framed on the wall. (we need to know a sex for a pretty pink or blue frame)
  2. One Step Ahead, Hanging Photoclip Mobile – Another recent purchase. Love that I can clip Luca, Zoe or Mia’s Head shots or switch it around at any time.
  3. Ebay, Black Dachshund Fabric – I’m debating on a crib skirt or bumper with some tiny doxies dancin around on it.
  4. Wooden Toddler Toys, Dachshund Dog Pet Lamp– To light up his/her day- only the way a weiner can!
  5. Etsy, Mod Dachshund Print– My lovely friend Court purchased this for me and it’s just as cute as it looks.
  6. Etsy, Keep Calm and Love Doxies– It’s a great motto for a new mom or for a new baby.
  7. Etsy, Paisley the Weiner Dog– Colorful and cute, but could easily be destroyed by the wrath of my actual weiners. MUST be kept out of reach.

Spruce Up Those Pet Bowls

I am an animal lover through and through, but I also love keeping the house nice and tidy.  I started looking at some new and trendy pet bowls and was amazed.  Had to share.

  1. Dogleg Diner
  2. Twin Bowls
  3. Three Bowl Server – thought this would be great for Der’s three weenies, Zoe, Luca, and Mia.
  4. Wild Rock Bowl
  5. Skate Bowls
  6. Foldable Bowldog
  7. Zen Bowl
  8. Deli Dome – interactive food and treat dispenser for your favorite kittah.  Whaaaa???

Etsy Spotlight: Persnickety Pelican

Today’s Etsy Spotlight is Persnickety Pelican.  They have adorable items that involve such Tipsy loves as wiener dogs, owls, chihuahuas and more.  We have worked with this mother/daughter team on Der’s surprise party and can’t tell you enough nice things about them.  Great to work with on custom stuff!  Go check them out!

Wiener Wonderland: Der’s Surprise Party

So last Friday, the Tipsy girls along with Der’s family threw a surprise party for Der’s birthday.  The theme however should come as no surprise to anyone: Wiener Wonderland.  It went off without a hitch!  Check it out!

  1. Wieners hanging from the ceiling
  2. Wieners in balloon form
  3. Wieners in cake form
  4. Wieners attached to candy bags
  5. Wieners in Slinky form

Der with a wiener balloon hat, surprised and holding a new birthday wiener.  Introducing: Mia

Mad about Mod-Dog

I think we have a bit of a competition brewing between the Tipsy Ladies.  Who can acquire the most 4 legged friends (kittahs or doxies) and even better….who can buy the most shit for them to play with, that looks like them, to put on them or just honoring them?  Der, your slowly turning into the crazy wiener lady.  Very questionable name.

I am very crazy cat lady who is CRAZY about this Mod-dog’s work.

  1. Personalized Fine Art – gotta love Pablo.
  2. Mod Dachshund Print – I got this in Grass Green for Der’s birthday.  Matted it and framed it like shown and may love it more than she does.
  3. Mod Main Coon Cat Print
  4. Copper Pet ID Tag
  5. Labrador Retriever Note cards – this has Sarah name all over it (re: Abby her 3 year old baby lab).

Their tagline is cute:  Modern Art for Modern Pets.  That can also be translated into Modern Art for pet owners that are bat.shit.crazy for their four legged friends.

Collar Me Happy

We had a little thing called Hump, Dominate, and Rip Off Zoe’s Collar Fest 2010 in the Der household (courtesy of Luca hitting puberty)  rendering my sweet little ZoZo with no collar on several occasions. Well, a collar that was gnawed to shreds, leaving her to look like a homeless, stray raggamuffin. Luca got himself a little operation and Mama got on Etsy to find Zoe a new collar for the tenth time. And boy did I hit the jackpot!

  1. Etsy, Doodlebugduds Funky Monkey Pet Collar
  2. Etsy, CollarsbyDesign Mesmer-Eyes Dog Collar
  3. Etsy, TheCoolPuppy Cool Leather Collar with Light Blue and Red Flowers
  4. Etsy, TheCoolPuppy Cool Rasta Leather Dog Collar
  5. Etsy, FidosFashionCollars Oxford Stripe Lime
  6. Etsy, GoneDoggie Sunspots in Melon

It’s Canvas and Can Hold Several Weiner Dogs

On my hunt for a springtime bag during mostly likely the coldest weather us Texans are able to stand, I keep running into some pretty fabulous canvas tote bags! I’m thinking I may forgo the more pricey all leather handbag for one of these casual and fun bags…think of all the junk and weiner dogs necessities I could cram in one of these.

  1. Old Navy, Women’s Perfect Canvas Tote
  2. Target, Merona Solid Canvas Tote
  3. Gap, Linen Blend Tote
  4. Target, Xhilaration Tote Zebra
  5. Gap, Colorblock Canvas Tote
  6. Old Navy, Women’s Canvas Tote
  7. Target, Black Dot Fashion Tote

Weiner Dog Lover’s Delight

I do not know how big of an audience this post will reach out to… but I will not hide my weiner pride!

  1. Etsy, Persnicketypelican Serece Doxie Pillow
  2. Etsy, Misnopalesart, Flying Dachshund Tee
  3. Etsy, Alliebeans Sausage Pups Wristlette
  4. Etsy, Sweetlilbirdies Bag o’ Doxies
  5. Etsy, Persnicketypelican Garden Doxie Blue Sky Thank You Cards
  6. Etsy, Weazelfactory Crazy Dachshund Lady Necklace
  7. Etsy, Pinkbabymouse Blue Cone Dog Pillow
  8. Etsy, Initialyou Dashshund Vinyl Sillouette

What You’ve All Been Waiting For: Hottest Dog Fashions of 2010

It’s been a fair while since I forced my weiners into some fashionable duds… let’s call it a “holiday break”. Well, breaks over little ones… let’s take a look at what I have in store for you during 2010.

der-dog stuff

  1. Etsy, Bugduds– Sophisticated, just what every weiner should be.
  2. Old Navy,  Rugby Striped Pique Polos – Preppy and cute. The way I like em!
  3. Etsy, Miascloset – This is totally my little boy Luca… Chick.Magnet.
  4. Petsmart, Snuggie – These are all the rage. Looks like a pancho to me, but I bet my babes will be cute in them!
  5. Etsy, Shopmimigreen – I bought one of these for Zoe, but being that she’s so tiny.. the flower was about the size of her head at the time… I’m feeling 2010 as the year she might finally be able to sport it.
  6. Petsmart, Texans Jersey – This one is for your dad, pups. He’s still a fan no matter how many times they lose. We probably need to show him some support.

Christmas at Der’s

We raked it in this Christmas… and wanna show off our loot!

der-presents procured

  1. Pool Table, This was for my husband and I originally strongly hated on turning our new house into a pool hall. BUT, I have to say that this is a gift that was 100% loved by all family mems that entered our home over the holidays.
  2. Nikon D300o, My husband took all the major HINTS I had been dropping for like a year and surprised me with a new camera. BEST. GIFT. EVER. Many Christmas pics were taken in much better quality than the 1999 technology I had been using before.
  3. Target Giftcard, Mom really knows how to make Christmas miracles happen at the Der Household.
  4. Gazillion Dog Toys and Christmas Paper to Tear, Zoe and Luca couldn’t have had a better time amoungst all the dog toys, treats and holiday wrapping. Dog Holiday Heaven.