Crazy Cat Lady: Ornament Edition

When my TP (Tipsy Pal) AK showed these to me, I knew I had to share with all of you.  These are too cute and encompass everything about me.  Someone that is obsessed with cats and funky at the same time.

cr-cat ornaments

After digging a little deeper, I found the creator of these little jewels (Old World Primitives) not only has her own Etsy shop, but has a neat little unique blog as well.  Enjoy!  Or just laugh at how nuts I am.

P.S.  Lets say you aren’t as awesome as I am and want these in dogs–she’s got em!  See here.

cr-dog ornaments

Christmas List: Der Edition

So you all saw AK’s list of fabulousness. Now it’s my turn.

(Pssst…Husband PLEASE pay careful attention to what is to follow)

der-xmas wishlist

  1. Victoria’s Secret, The Soft Sexy Wrap -I love the fact that this is like an upgraded t-shirt/cardigan combo. That is My FAVORITE combo and pretty much daily uniform, by the way.
  2. Best Buy, Nikon D5000– I would love this camera more than any of my family members, including my dogs. Ook,  not them. But everyone else. If I hadn’t already proven myself to be an expensive camera breaker, I MIGHT actually be eligible for this gift.
  3. Restoration Hardware, Telescoping Frames– Being that I just got married 10ish months ago, we have more pictures than we know what to do with. These are so unique and different.
  4. Macys, Fiesta Canisters– I ADORE the green. These would look so cute in my colorful kitchen.
  5. Etsy, dearestinez Large Leaf Earrings -UM so cute, so fun, so funky. I just may be gifting these to myself for Christmas.
  6. Old Navy, Womens Cable Knit Slipper Boots– My toesies would be so toasty in these. I’ve seen a version of these everywhere and I have been coveting.
  7. Urban Outfitters, Dachshund Lamp– Do I even need to go into why I would want/need this? No, I didn’t think so.
  8. Ann Taylor LOFT, Refined Knit Ruffle Neck Dress– Because I NEED more ruffles in my life. NO, I don’t have anywhere to wear it! SO??
  9. Mac Cosmetics, Tinted Lipglass in Spite -This was the first lipglass that I ever owned and I think I need to bring it back into my life Christmas 2009. It’s a mauvy pink and perfection.
  10. Pier1, Assorted Doorknob Wall Hooks– I’ve been eyeing these babies for a while now. What a super cute way to hang your coat or whatevs.
  11. Macys, Joseph Joseph Multi Color Spatula Design Cutting Board– Cute, colorful and belongs in mah kitchen!
  12. Gap, Mesh Chain Necklace– I want this for two reasons: a) it’s a subtle way to do the whole sequin trend going on and b) I’ve already planned my New Years outfit and it won’t be complete without it.
  13. Nordstrom, Jeffrey Campbell ‘Charo’ Slingback Sandal– Ruffles, love. Red, Love. Perfect HOT date with the hubby shoe. Nuff said.
  14. bossa, Shiraleah Jennifer Large Tote Bag– This brand is pretty sweet…looks remarkably similar to HOBO International for a fraction of the cost, plus this blue color is totally rocking my world.
  15. ZenniOptical, 2344 Plastic Full-Rim Frame– HOT pink frames? Must.have.

Oh, I almost forgot… while I’m wishing… I’ll take an endless supply of these.

der-xmas wishlist2

DIY Gifts for your Neighbor, Co-Worker, Teacher or somebody like that

Are you looking for a cheap gift to give a neighbor, a co-worker, a teacher, a babysitter or somebody in that realm…you don’t want to spend a ton but you want them to know you care? I’m going to give you a few ideas…

ak-gift in a jar

Give them stuff in a jar.  Get a jar, get some cute fabric, and get some raffia to tie the fabric on with and shove one of these ideas in.  You can either put the ingredients for a mix of some sort minus the wet ingredients or put something pre-made (ala nuts). Write or print out the recipe and attach it.

  1. Cowboy Cookies
  2. Nuts:  Sweet (Cinnamon Almonds) or Spicy (Hot & Spicy Peanuts)
  3. Hot Cocoa Mix
  4. Spice Rub
  5. Bean Soup
  6. Dog Biscuit Mix

Thinking something a little more hardcore than nuts, cocoa mix and dog biscuits?  How ’bout a round on you? So…this may not be the one to give a teacher or babysitter especially if they are caring for your children at the time…this might be more of a neighbor/co-worker thing.

ak-gift in a jar part 2

Make a homemade mixer and pour it in a pretty bottle, then include whatever libation goes with it in mini bottle form, put them on a mini serving tray (or dessert plate) and tie it up with some cellophane.  Write or print out the drink “recipe” and attach it.

  1. Pomegranate Martini
  2. Margarita
  3. Spiked Hot Cocoa
  4. Spiked Apple Cider

Walking in a Weiner Wonderland

I know what my dogs, and probably yours, want for Christmas.  It goes by many names and looks kinda funny, but when my pups see one coming… they are overcome with joy. A BoBo, a loofah dog, a booda… they come in many sizes, themes and colors.

der-dog toys

  1. Petsmart, Loofah Dog
  2. Petco, Neoprene Dog
  3. Petco, Loofah Santa Dog
  4. Petco, Hanukkah Loofa Dog
  5. Petco, Jumbo Dog
  6. Petco, Booda Tuff Plush Long Friends Dog

der-dog toys2

And my tiny dogs will naw one to death in under a few hours, leaving me with a living room full of snow. Living in Texas, that just doesn’t happen very often. The White Christmas I always wanted!

Happy Halloweiner!

Here they are showing off their handmade costumes. Can’t you just see the pride gleaming from their eyes.



Happy Halloween! Love, Zoe and Luca

5 Ways to Heat Up Your Pup!

Sometimes Zoe and Luca get the shivers and that’s when I run to the rescue with a dog sweater or a dog coat. Sure, they may be shivering because they see me with these items in hand, but I like to pretend they’ve got the chills.  Here are some of the cutest dog chill preventers (or inducers) around.

  1. Hookin’ Mama Etsy Shop, Creamsicle Cardigan for Mini Mutts
  2. Old Navy, Quilted Graphic Ski Vests for Dogs
  3. Suzi’s Beary Kute Boutique Etsy Shop, Crochet Candy Corn Dog
  4. Old Navy, Cable-Knit Turtleneck Sweaters for Dogs
  5. Grandma’s Sweaters Etsy Shop, MORE STRIPES/HAND KNIT BY GRANDMA

Dogs Have Needs… and Mine Need Costumes

I am a dog lover through and through and I love my mini weiner dogs so much that I force them into precious outfits and costumes whenever I can. You may have thought that I only had budget shopping tips of the human kind, but that would be incorrect. I also bargain shop for my darling pups, Zoe and Luca. It’s Halloween time and you know what that means…don’t discriminate, people… dogs need costumes too. All of these can be found at my homeland, Target.

der-pets halloween

  1. Pet Shark Costume-Gray
  2. Pet Ladybug Costume-Red
  3. Pet Rooster Costume
  4. Shrek Pet Costume
  5. Hippie Pet Costume
  6. Pet Banana Costume-Yellow