The Tipsy Wedding Project: Shoes

Next up on the Tipsy Wedding Project front is SHOES!  Bridesmaid shoes that is… Something each of us hold near and dear.   Christen is having two maids of honor and they are wearing two different dresses, both in Truffle.  Here is one.  Here is the other.  So here goes with our shoe suggestions….

  1. Sarah-I would choose either the yellow or red shoe to wear with the bridesmaids dresses. These are fun, sassy, and tie into the fall colors nicely.
  2. Court-I love Nina shoes.  I go to them for almost every semi formal/formal occasion as I feel they make an elegant statement but are simple enough you can re-use if you wanted.These peep toe with the bow aren’t over the top, but will give a fun touch to each of the maids dresses.   I would go for the GOLD color, literally, but she mentioned her hubby to be loved navy.  Wouldn’t that be a cute combo of color?  The navy shoes?
  3. Der-I wore these exact same shoes (in cosmic dust) to my rehearsal dinner and let me tell you… the most comfortable shoes EVER. I could literally run a 5k in these heels. The price tag isn’t too bad and they are cute too! I clipped on a hair flower to the center of the toes for extra flair, so that could be an option as well.
  4. AK-I’m going to say go with a basic brown and then play up your fall colors in the jewelry the girls wear but we’ll get to the jewelry in a later post.

Tell us your fav!

Hump Day Happy Hour Meets The Tipsy Wedding Project

The Tipsy Wedding Project with a twist so to speak. For today’s Hump Day Happy Hour we are going to help Christen decide on a signature drink for her wedding. She wants something vodka based, so all the Tipsy girls went in search of the perfect drink for the perfect wedding!

  1. Court-The 8 oz Twister: 2 oz Vodka, 2 oz Fresh Lime Juice, 2 oz Fresh Lemon Juice, 2 oz Pure Grape Juice. I think this could be made on a large scale, since all parts are equal and just could pour in the highball glasses and BAM, Twisted.
  2. Der-Cranapple Martini: 1 oz vodka, 1.5 oz. apple pucker and a splash of cranberry juice. Both of those fruits make me think of fall and make me think this drink is probably delish. If I wasn’t with child, I’d be making one right now.
  3. Sarah-Custom Drink, Name TBD: 1 oz. Vodka, 1.5 oz. Pomegranate Juice, 1 tsp elderflower liqueur, 1 splash of champagne, and garnish with an inexpensive fall flower that your florist can suggest for you.
  4. AK-“Ed’s Last Name”-tini: 1 Shot Vodka, 1 Shot of Orange Juice, 1 Shot of Apple Juice, 1 Splash of Cranberry Juice. Garnish with cranberries.

Tell us what you think?  Vote! Or give Christen some other ideas in the comments!

The Tipsy Wedding Project: Invites

Next up in trying to help Christen design her October 2010 wedding are the invitations. The invites are CRUCIAL, as they are the first glimpse your guests will get at the fabulousness that is your big day! (What’s funny is that all of us Tipsy gals, individually, gravitated to Wedding Paper Divas for our picks. All the invites you see can be customized to ANY color scheme that Christen wants!)

  1. Sarah-I love this invite because it’s simple with a touch of modern romance!
  2. Der-I like this invite because I happen to have found out that orange is Christen’s favorite color this week! I also like that this is simple and elegant, but unusual. No one has orange flowers on their wedding invitations…even more reason for Christen to DO IT!!!
  3. Court-I picked this invite because its got some traditional components, it has a classic feeling but has a modern touch with the blooming trees across the top. I think the Autumn orange fits perfectly with her colors/flowers/theme and the price of the invitations is more on the conservative side.
  4. AK-I like this invite for two reasons…you can incorporate the chocolate color into the invite and I think it is sorta fancy schmancy without being too stuffy. I absolutely love having the names be a cursive and the rest not. Like, love love!

Tipsy readers…tell us which one is your favorite!

The Tipsy Wedding Project: Bouquets

We are going to be running a series here over the next few weeks.  It’s called The Tipsy Wedding Project aka help Christen design her wedding.  Christen is an avid Tipsy Society reader and we could not say no when she asked for a little assistance in planning her October 2010 nuptials.  So each week us Tipsy gals will be throwing some suggestions her way and letting YOU the readers vote on WHAT SHOULD CHRISTEN PICK!  So here goes…this week is all about bouquets!!

  1. Der-I’m in LOVE with this fall bouquet!  I think this bouquet ties in the truffle color that she has picked for her attendants and it adds pops of orange and green and even some pink. I love the rustic looking shape of this bouquet and I think this could easily transcend into a larger scale table arrangement… OR to save money just have the bride and all the maids place their bouquets in beautiful vases on all the tables.
  2. Court-I’m going to keep things simple with this bouquet so that the orange color and single flower type make things pop even more.
  3. AK-This bouquet is so RICH in color and I believe that’s what Christen is going for.  This combines roses, lilies (calla), and a tiny bit of hydrangea.  I love the berries and seeded eucalyptus which can be incorporated into some badass boutonnieres when we get to those.
  4. Sarah-I love the idea of the bridal bouquet being different than her bridesmaids, so this is what I came up with for the bridesmaids and for the bride, it combines both the colors, and flowers, she’s looking for, and, since both bouquets are the same shape, they tie together nicely. (I’m also in LOVE with the copper wire that’s wrapped around the bridesmaids bouquets!)

So Tipsy readers…here’s your chance…Which one should Christen pick?

Happy Anniversary to Me!

Tomorrow marks one year since the day I married some crazy lunatic who loves wiener dogs as much as I do and has had me laughing every single day since I’ve met him. My wedding day was perfect and I think I’ll show off some of our favorite pictures to kick the celebration off early.

Happy 1st Anniversary, Kenny. You make my life infinitely better in so many ways and I can’t wait to celebrate year after year for the rest of our lives. I love you!

Fruitty Floral Arrangement

For my wedding, I wanted something modern and different for my reception tables.  I happened upon a few pictures of fruit piled in the base of flower vases. I used limes to compliment some of the accent colors of my other wedding decor. It turned out to be the perfect little extra special detail. Below is a picture for proof!

You could also use appleslemonsberries, oranges, acorns, or mini pumpkins.

Amazingly Chic Wedding for UNDER $10,000!

My beautiful little sister got married a couple of months ago, 9/26/09, and I wanted to share how AMAZING it turned out. Not only was it amazing, but the entire thing cost just under $10,000, which, in wedding terms, is on the cheap side…especially with a crowd of around 100 people!

sk-budget wedding

1. THE DRESS: Wedding dresses are crazy expensive, especially if they’re a recognized designer. However, Rachael was able to find a surprisingly affordable Nicole Miller dress that I swear was made especially for her. I think the tip is to not go overboard with the fabric of your dress. This particular one was made of a jacquard cotton material. Oh yeah, it took us all of one hour to pick out THE DRESS.

2. This is just a great picture of my sister and our Dad…they were both so happy! (Check out the flower/feather headpiece she wore instead of a veil…classic.)

3. Wedding Party: You’re going to hear all kinds of rules and regulations when it comes to picking a bridal party, which, even though you don’t realize it, totally adds to the wedding cost as well. I mean, you’re talking extra flowers, extra gifts, etc…So, if you want to stay on a budget, keep your wedding party small. Don’t worry, your friends won’t shouldn’t be offended. (That’s me in the picture, aka the Maid Matron of Honor, and my dress was AWESOME!)

4. The Venue: This is a tricky one because every place you fall in love with wants to charge you an arm, a leg, and all your hair just to book it! We did a lot of research on this one and wound up having the wedding and reception at the upscale Shoreline restaurant in Austin that overlooks TowneLady Bird Lake. What saved us the moola is that they don’t have a rental fee! You do have a food and beverage minimum, but you would have spent that anyway…so bam…$2,000 (average rental fee) back in our budget! (Did I mention that our menu consisted of hand-passed hors d’oeuvres, salad, grilled chicken w/ preserved lemon and sun-dried tomato sauce, and prime rib?)

5. Flowers: Keep them simple! Rachael opted for amazing bouquets for herself and I that included a lot of different flowers that had a lot of texture, but when it came to the table decorations, she kept it classic and simple with short hydrangea centerpieces and tall hydrangea and curly willow centerpieces at alternating tables. Oh yeah, and candles…you can never have too many candles…so romantic!

6. The happy couple: If you look closely you can see the lake in the background…and look at the cowboy boot-clad Groom and barefoot Bride…totally Austin…

7. Entertainment: Band vs. DJ is always tough. Rachael ended up finding a great local southern rock band that charged a minimal fee AND played at the ceremony too…double-score! (Seriously, she gave them the music she wanted them to play at the ceremony and they played it amazingly.) They were great and they kept the dance floor packed ALL night!

8. Cake: I don’t have any budget-saving tips on this one except that there wasn’t a typical “Bride” and “Groom” cake…there was only one. However, Rachael did alternating layers on the cake. Her layer was an almond-butter cake with passion fruit preserves and Sam’s (the groom) layer was red velvet. Stardust Pastry was the cake designer and it was perfect!

9. Another one of the Bride and Groom…was this not the most perfect setting?

10. The Getaway: Sparklers are cheap, but oh what an exit they make…

Congrats Rachael and Sam…we wish you a lifetime of happiness together!

Many thanks to the great photographer, Natalie Blake, for capturing these happy moments.