Green with Envy

Call me bat shit crazy, but I have been obsessing with pastel colored nail polish for quite some time now. I’m not talking about your lovely baby pink or soft beige, but more of an Easter egg blue or minty green. I have no idea why I am being drawn to these nail polishes. I don’t even like pastels normally. So, am I crazy or are would this shade be awesome on my nails?

OPI, Go on Green

Hair Dirt

After I’m pretty much done fixing my hair I have in the past used Redken Water Wax to tame some fly aways and get my bangs to move in a direction that doesn’t look like ass.  I also liked using it on the ends of my hair to just get a little polish.  But I’m here today to tell you that I am a convert.  I’ve converted from Redken Water Wax straight into the arms of Jonathan Dirt.

Do you know Jonathan Antin? I used to watch his show Blow Out on Bravo a few years back and I specifically remember when he was creating his hair line while they were filming.  On one specific episode he was trying to have them formulate “Dirt” per his standards and apparently at that point they had not and he ended up throwing the product across the room and threw a little hissy fit.

So anyway, now years later I have purchased the “up to Jonathan Antin’s standards” Dirt and I LOVE IT.  It’s not sticky like Water Wax, it’s smooth and silky and yet it controls fly-aways and perfectly separated my bangs in a way that doesn’t look like ass.  So I would definitely suggest if you are a WAX person you might want be a DIRT person.  Let me know if you agree!

Jonathan Product Dirt Texturizing Paste, Amazon

Pretty Hands

Or at the very least they don’t look all scraggly.  My hands have been dry dry dry lately and we don’t even want to go there on the status of my cuticles.  When I ran out of my regular hand lotion I went to buy some of the same old stuff I always buy but they were out, so I WAS just going to wait, but as I was standing in line I saw Sally Hansen’s Nail & Cuticles Hand Creme and decided to impulse buy.  What I didn’t realize by doing this was that I was going to be buying the best hand lotion I’ve ever purchased in my life!  It “dries” pretty quickly, it smells grapefruity AND it lasted for HOURS AND HOURS…like even beyond washing my hands multiple times.  So I do believe I have a new mini mani for you…cuticle oil plus Sally Hansen Nail & Cuticles Hand Creme.  Try it, it’s the bomb.

Sally Hansen Nail & Cuticle Hand Creme, Amazon
OPI Avoplex Cuticle Oil to Go, Amazon

Hang Your Hat Up

I recently shared with you my unusual method of necklace storage, so I thought I would now share my ingenious method of hat storage. You see, I have a lot of hats. I have learned from experience that sunburnt scalps suck so if I spend any amount of time in the sun (which is all the time in spring and summer) I will have a hat on my head. While trying to figure out a way to cleverly store my hats without crushing them, I happened upon  some tie back hooks I had leftover from hanging curtains. There in lies my genius. You can just screw them into the wall and hang up your hat. They come in packages of 6 for about $1, and you can usually make more than one hat fit on each hook.  Like I said, ingenious.

Don’t Get Pinched This Year

We all know St. Patrick’s Day is coming up later this week. And if you didn’t, now you do. I thought I would give you ladies a few options to wear so you don’t get pinched while out enjoying a green beer (or two…or three..) Slainte!!

  1. Forever 21, Geometric Bow Waist Dress
  2. Amazon, OPI Green-Wich Village Nail Color
  3. Modcloth, Link Happy Thoughts Sandal
  4. DSW, Coconuts Mena Wedge Sandal
  5. Target, Twisted Seed Beaded Necklace
  6. The Limited, Ruffle Front Top
  7. The Limited, Green Striped Strapless Dress
  8. Target, Merona Tahira Sleeveless Top
  9. Boden, Ruffled Ribbon Necklace
  10. The Limited, Wow Ruffle Shirt

Riding the Wave

I got this new contraption and I have to tell the blog world about it. It’s a large barreled wave iron by Revlon and I love it. I got it from my local Target and barely contained myself long enough to rip open the packaging and test it out. I ran it very quickly through my hair within 5 minutes and this was the result.

Perfect beachy waves for summer. I am positive if I take more time and accuracy I could produce some more clean and perfect waves too. Run, do not walk and get yourself one too!

Gingham: Its Not Just For Picnics Anymore…

I don’t know if anyone else has noticed, but gingham print is a big trend for this spring. I’ve always found myself gravitating towards this print, even if it does make me feel like a picnic blanket or a country bumpkin sometimes.  Either way, I am all over this trend.

  1. Old Navy, Women’s Printed Button Down Shirt
  2., Fred Perry Sunshot Gingham
  3. LL Bean, Fabric Belt
  4. J Crew, Gingham Sonoma Short
  5. Old Navy, Women’s Ruffled Gauze Top (this is one of those already in my closet 🙂 )
  6. Target, Mossimo Supply Co Gingham Tote
  7. Banana Republic, Ruffle Trim Gingham Shirt
  8. Target, Merona Women’s Bermuda Short (another one in my closet already)
  9., Novelty Auto Open Umbrella
  10. Payless, Serendipity Gingham High Wedge

Sweet Valentine

These two items would make me immensely happy on Valentine’s Day.  Oh who am I kidding, I’d be fine with just the candy.

Budding Romance Bouquet,
Sour Patch Peaches, Amazon

What would make you happy this Valentine’s Day?

Potty Watch 2011

I’ve just spent my weekend holed up in my house with about 30 pairs of 2-3T underwear with various characters on the butt and a small child who we thought was ready to potty train but now we aren’t quite so sure.  So what I’d like to know from all you moms out there are TIPS.. TIPS PLEASE!   My little guy is currently doing the following: peeing standing up on the big potty when we take him in there, not telling me when he needs to go, and not pooping at all.  Scratch that last item, he decided to poop during bath time, lucky us.

My apologies to those of you without children who didn’t want to start your Monday like this.  I promise the next post will be for you!!

Baby Bjorn Toilet Trainer, Amazon
Boon Potty Bench, Amazon

Acrylic Obsession

I’m not sure what it is, but I’m obsessed with anything and everything that’s made out of acrylic these days. I haven’t actually purchased any of these items, but they’re on my SERIOUS wish list right about….NOW!

  1. CB2, Acrylic Leaning Wine Rack
  2. Amazon, Acrylic Nesting Tables
  3. The Container Store, Acrylic Shelves
  4. Amazon, Anime Chair (set of 2)
  5. Crate and Barrel, Acrylic 5×7 Block Frame
  6. The Container Store, Magazine Slipcase