Fabulous Footwear Friday

Could these be anymore me?

I would wear these everywhere, including to work.  Puma has always been so good to me.  So if any of you would like to contribute to the help Court get a hundred dollar pair of shoes fund, I’m all for that.

Lil Kicks

My son has been living in crocs this summer and I figured we needed to get him some tennis shoes for fall/winter.  So I went on the hunt and OMG there are so many cute ones.  I had trouble deciding between cute and colorful and cute and neutral.  The Dr. Seuss ones are ADORABLE!  I really wanted to go with something that was easy to put on and take off.  I ultimately ended up with #3 and I could not love them more.  They are so easy to put on and they are neutral with a bit color with the orange stitching.  LOVE THEM!

  1. Zappos, Converse Chuck Taylor All Star
  2. Zappos, Kangaroos Combat Hook & Loop
  3. Piperlime, Converse Chuck Taylor All Star 2 Strap
  4. Zappos, Converse Chuck Taylor All Star V3 Ox2
  5. Zappos, Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Double Tongue Ox2
  6. Zappos, Puma Kids Rio Racer
  7. Zappos, Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Core Slip
  8. Zappos, Vans Classic Slip On Core

An Unexpected Outfit

So as I was browsing the catalogs and the internets the other day, I ran across all of these items separately and then realized that they all WENT TOGETHER, like as an outfit. Just add jeans, DONE!

  1. Sundance, Sweetheart Gathered Tee
  2. Etsy, Condescending Post Earrings
  3. Zappos, Cole Haan Air Bandon

Of course you do see the problem here right? I mean it all came together so easily, of course it would all be a bit more than I wanted to spend for a casual outfit.

Fabulous Footwear Friday

I am so ready for fall.  It’s just too. damn. hot. here.  When I think of fall I think about flats! And I could definitely use some turquoise flats FO SHO!

Zappos, Romantic Soles Geneva

Fabulous Footwear Friday: Outta the Blue

Are these not the cutest damn blue you have ever seen?  I used to have a VW bug that was kind of this color and I think I am forever in love with the VORTEX Blue 🙂

I am also loving on the toe ring look, I think it makes these super special.

Pretty Things At Every Price: Strapless Dresses

For the last month we featured all different kinds of purses at different price points.  For the next month we are going to feature different dresses!  First up…Strapless dresses!  Perfect for the sweltering heat of the summer!

  1. Der: Mossimo Smocked Tube Denim Dress-This denim strapless dress with the small ruffle detail is so cute! It could really be worn as a tunic length top too, so that makes it even cuter in my book.
  2. Court: Trixxi Strapless Floral Print Dress-It wasn’t just a few days after der posted some super badass dresses that I found this.  Coming in right under 30.00, I love the retro-ish look with the floral bottom.  I think it would look great dressed up or down.
  3. AK: Mossimo Women’s Strapless Dress-This dress reminds me very much of a J.Crew dress I have that I wore for a wedding.  I have it in brown, but I’m totally loving it in purple and I’m TOTALLY loving on this price.
  4. Sarah: O’Neill Country Mart Dress-Whew, this was a HARD one, but I instantly fell in love with the easiness of this dress. It’s fun, flirty, and will look good on ALL body shapes!


When I see espadrilles I think SUMMER.  I also think, “I need to be in Mexico with a margarita”.  I yammer on a lot about Mexico don’t I? Honestly I’ll just take the marg.  But I’ll also take some espadrilles. I’m pretty sure I need #2. What say you?

  1. Zappos, Eric Michaels
  2. Kohls, Chaps Dawna
  3. Kohls, Sonoma Kicker Peep Toe
  4. Piperlime, Bandolino Girlee
  5. Piperlime, Wanted Samantha
  6. Piperlime, Kenneth Cole Reaction Kiss or Dare

Pretty Things at Every Price: Crossbody Bags

The Tipsy gals are up for another challenge.  We are on the hunt for that perfect crossbody (something that is very near and dear to my heart), but with each gal in a diff price range.

  1. Der’s ($14.94) Poppie Jones Fashion Crossbody Bag –  such a fun color and UNBELIEVABLE price! Perfect for a date night or girls night out when you don’t wanna be lugging around some hefty satchel.
  2. Court’s (29.99) Libby Edelman Woven Detail Convertible Crossbody Bag – love this throwback/hippie-ish look.  Love the price and of course love that its on the smaller side. The woven details and color make this look really unique.
  3. AK’s ($36.00) Croft & Borrow Crossbody – Pewter! I love this color, it goes with EVERYTHING! I can see this number helping me out considerably during our annual Round Top extravaganza.
  4. Sarah’s ($48.00) Steve Madden Bluvsic Crossbody– I’m loving the dressiness of this bag…it’s like sporty “glam” spice! (I also agree with AK that pewter is the WAY TO GO in the bag department…)

There you have it.  We’ll be up for more of these price challenges, so stay tuned or let us know what you want us to find on your budget!

The Tipsy Wedding Project: Bride’s Shoes

Today’s installment of The Tipsy Wedding Project is Christen’s shoes. While we know what Christen’s dress looks like, she would rather we didn’t post it here because a certain person she is going to marry has been following along and we don’t want to ruin it for him. (I’m talking to you Ed). So anyway, here are our recommendations for Christen and a few for Ed himself. See any trends? 🙂

  1. AK-My inspiration came from the fact that we found out Christen loves the color orange, that she is having a fall wedding and the fact that Der did this shoe/sock idea for her wedding and it was UH-DOOR-UH-BULL. So this is the vision. Here is my suggestion (dyeing orange obvs)
  2. Sarah-I LOVE the idea of having a fun, yet classy, shoe underneath the traditional wedding attire. Since orange is her favorite color, I thought these were both perfect, affordable, AND would be go great with the fall wedding colors! (I also wouldn’t be opposed to Christen’s hubby to-be to wear some cool orange socks…Der did this at her wedding and it made for an awesome photo op…just sayin’…)
  3. Der-These are cute and orange and would totally be reusable later on with a par-TAY dress! I did apple green shoes under my wedding dress, but they were dyed and therefore unable to be worn in wet conditions.. BOO!!  and her groom could wear these.
  4. Court-I love these shoes.  Her dress, which has lace is beautiful, but I didnt want to much frill on the shoes. I think these peep toes are a great accent, plus they are navy which satisfies two things–her man to be fav color and her something blue requirement.

Boys Rule!

As many of you know, I am adding another weiner to my family… I’m having a BOY!!! My mind is going bonkers with all the possibilities. I have heard of the challenges to find cute boy stuff and I think I’m the right girl for the job. Here are some of the items that have my credit card on fire.

  1. Gap, Striped Hoodie One Piece
  2. Zappos, Crocband Kids
  3. Gap, Colorblock Slip on Sneakers
  4. Old Navy, Button Front One Piece
  5. Target, Dwell Studio Newborn Blanket
  6. Target, Striped Union Suit
  7. Target, Tiny Love Follow Me Fred
  8. Gap, Rolled Up Jeans