Pretty Things at Every Price: Totes

This is our final PTAEP for purses. We’ve covered crossbodies, clutches, hobos, and now we’re on to totes!

  1. Der:  Rose Dome Handbag,I am carrying a similar version of this bag RIGHT NOW in royal blue and love it to pieces. It’s such a WOW accessory for low cost. It livens up the simplest tee or tank just hangin there on your arm.
  2. Court: Slouchy Bag, This was the hardest price point for me thus far as the size of this purse is entering a no-can-do boundary.  My tipsy sista’s can easily pull a bag of this size off, but not me.  HOWEVER, I wasn’t shocked when a super cute seller on Etsy came through.  I would wear this, if I ever needed room to shove Aus, two friends, a bottle of booze and a bicycle in it :).  Other pluses are its handmade and CHINA CHINA!!!
  3. AK: Amazon Boutique Tote, I love how sleek this looks and of course I had to go for something BRIGHT in color!
  4. Sarah: Paper Croc-Embossed Tote, What can I say? I’m a sucker for a cute straw bag!

Pretty Things at Every Price: Hobos

Our first PTAEP was on crossbodies and then we did clutches, both of which are definitely Court’s go-to size of a bag.  The rest of us on the other hand need a hobo or bigger in some cases.  So here’s our take on the hobo bag at a price you can afford!!

  1. Der’s ($12.97) Vinyl Ruffle Handbag– Y’all know how I feel about a ruffle. This is a definitely right up my alley.
  2. Court’s ($24.50) Faux Leather Zip Hobo-Think that it could be a goto bag for any outfit.  I will tell you though, I am completely out of my realm with these HUGE ASS bags!
  3. AK’s ($32.90) Blue Hobo with Studs-LOVE LOVE LOVE this color.  It’s always great to find a colorful bag for a good price.
  4. Sarah’s ($49.99) Nine West Cayla Hobo-I, for one, think you can never have too many white bags. I’ve actually seen this one in person and it’s one of those perfect whites that will last you through early fall!

Pretty Things at Every Price: Clutches

Last week was crossbodies…this week is clutches.  Cute clutches at any price!

  1. Der’s ($8) Wristlet Zipper Pouch-This is colorful (which we know I LOVE) and one of a kind. For less than $10, you can liven up  your basic tee or LBD!
  2. Court’s ($28) On Palm Street Clutch-how cute is this?  dressy, casual, basic colors. LOVE IT.
  3. Sarah’s ($35) SR Squared by Sondra Roberts Raffia Clutch-I love that this clutch has a nice, summery, and casual look! (I mean, if you’re anything like me, you’re currently OVER carrying an over-sized satchel everyday…)
  4. AK’s ($49) Shiraleah Tyrell fold clutch bag-I love the Shiraleah line of bags…they are super cheap, vegan and come in great colors.  I like how this one folds over.

What’s your favorite? Or tell us about another clutch you use or are wanting!

Pretty Things at Every Price: Crossbody Bags

The Tipsy gals are up for another challenge.  We are on the hunt for that perfect crossbody (something that is very near and dear to my heart), but with each gal in a diff price range.

  1. Der’s ($14.94) Poppie Jones Fashion Crossbody Bag –  such a fun color and UNBELIEVABLE price! Perfect for a date night or girls night out when you don’t wanna be lugging around some hefty satchel.
  2. Court’s (29.99) Libby Edelman Woven Detail Convertible Crossbody Bag – love this throwback/hippie-ish look.  Love the price and of course love that its on the smaller side. The woven details and color make this look really unique.
  3. AK’s ($36.00) Croft & Borrow Crossbody – Pewter! I love this color, it goes with EVERYTHING! I can see this number helping me out considerably during our annual Round Top extravaganza.
  4. Sarah’s ($48.00) Steve Madden Bluvsic Crossbody– I’m loving the dressiness of this bag…it’s like sporty “glam” spice! (I also agree with AK that pewter is the WAY TO GO in the bag department…)

There you have it.  We’ll be up for more of these price challenges, so stay tuned or let us know what you want us to find on your budget!

Alloy Matey!

I’m lame, I know. But what’s not lame… I have a treat for you folks and here it goes. Adorable overload, get ready.

  1. Alloy, Vanessa Racerback Dress
  2. Alloy, Bella One Shoulder
  3. Alloy, Ava Knit Maxi Dress
  4. Alloy, Stella Racerback
  5. Alloy, Beaded Halter Tank
  6. Alloy, Prism Collar
  7. Alloy, Lena Bag
  8. Alloy, Rosette Trimmed Baby Doll

Vera Bradley, The New and Improved

I used to work in a small gift type store while I was in school that sold Vera Bradley and I have to admit that I wasn’t a very big fan. It was on the expensive side and reminded me of a purse my grandmother would carry or something. I guess it was the quilting. But, MAN. I don’t know if I’m getting older or if they are getting better because I LOVE this stuff I am seeing lately.

  1. Vera Bradley, All In One Wristlet
  2. Vera Bradley, Let’s Do Lunch
  3. Vera Bradley, Large Cosmetic
  4. Vera Bradley, Ditty Bag
  5. Vera Bradley, Bowler
  6. Vera Bradley, Angle Tote

It’s Canvas and Can Hold Several Weiner Dogs

On my hunt for a springtime bag during mostly likely the coldest weather us Texans are able to stand, I keep running into some pretty fabulous canvas tote bags! I’m thinking I may forgo the more pricey all leather handbag for one of these casual and fun bags…think of all the junk and weiner dogs necessities I could cram in one of these.

  1. Old Navy, Women’s Perfect Canvas Tote
  2. Target, Merona Solid Canvas Tote
  3. Gap, Linen Blend Tote
  4. Target, Xhilaration Tote Zebra
  5. Gap, Colorblock Canvas Tote
  6. Old Navy, Women’s Canvas Tote
  7. Target, Black Dot Fashion Tote

Sporty Spice Spring Collection, Bring On The Heat!!!

I’m ready for the sun.  Not alot of stores have gone completely tank top, sandals and shorts, but I am definitely ready for a little spring in my step.  Here are a few pieces and items that I plan on adding to my collection.

  1. Francesca’s Hoodie – if it has a hoodie, put my name on it.  These are thin and colorful.  Totally getting it.
  2. Tulle Jacket – because I like to run my AC right about 80 degrees, I will still need something to cover myself through the next few months.  Too cute.  On another note, I have also realized that I am an addict of this sites Tulle’s Day sales.  I racked in 5 nice peices for about 25.00 (including shipping).  You should defintely join their mailing list if you aren’t on it already to cash in on the saving.  Der was in on the last sale too and raked it in as well.  It’s also fun to call random days ‘Tulle’s Day’, I owe that site for that as well!
  3. Roxy Tank – because its cute.  That is all.
  4. Opi  –  Done out in Deco – I own this color already, so I am ahead of game on this one.  I love it because its a  purple nail color, but not completely offensive.  There is a very fine line there ladies.  Very fine.
  5. Old Navy Cargos – am I too old to wear these?  Probably.  Will they flatter my figure?  Most likely not.  Are they badass because they have tiny little paint splatters on them? Hellz yes.
  6. Fossil Crossbody – as long as my obession with cross body bags doesn’t turn to fanny packs, I think the tipsy girls will still dig my style.  I can’t decide if I need this one in red or pink?
  7. Simple Slippers – I’ll need these for when I feel like wearing red seude shoes.  I don’t know about ya’ll but that may just be every day for me.

$50 Fridays: Party Girl

It’s definitely that time of year again! Parties galore. Work parties, friend parties, family parties. Party.Party.Party. Here’s a look that will take you to all those parties without draining your Christmas shopping fund.

der-50 Fri 9

  1. Forever21, Droplet Jewel Earrings
  2. Forever21, Dressy Sequined Wallet
  3. Gojane, Metallic Pleated Detail Tank Dress
  4. GoJane, Rhinestone Bow Satin Flat

Not Your Average Denim

I, like majority of you, wear jeans on most days. Lately, I’ve seen some denim pieces that aren’t for your lower half and cute doesn’t even begin to describe what I’m seeing. Check it out for yourselves…


  1. Forever21, Stella Denim Jacket
  2. American Eagle Outfitters, Western Bonfire Shirt
  3. Chadwicks, Denim Twist Front Dress
  4. Etsy, The MoneyBags Wallet in Denim by humade
  5. Newport News, Denim Tuxedo Dress
  6., Zip Front Denim Flat
  7., Denim Rosette Ballet Flat
  8. Etsy, Denim Birdie Clutch by retrospecttive
  9. Etsy, Denim Handbag by CrazyBoy
  10. Forever21, Sequined Denim Headband
  11. Charlotte Russe, Denim Shirt Dress